Goodbye 2015!

A truly volatile year: $37 oil, crashing currencies, FIFA burns, PM Najib is still PM and Yoda returns with a Billion $ bang. For most of us, it’s been tough especially on cashflow and sustenance issues. But heck! We (and the world) survived and the year is over!

Another new year beckons, new hopes, new dreams. I dare say the challenging times will continue for another 6 months to a year but 2H 2016 should see substantial improvements. For those who have used 2015 wisely to clean house, re set and re boot, 2016 should be great.

I like to think we have been wise, quietly patiently.

For me personally, I have gone through at least 4 cycles of massive ups and downs in the last 30 years. One lesson endures: use bad times/years to hunker down, bite the bullet and work like hell to re set and recover instead of wallowing in self pity and/or blaming the world.

Tough times never last, tough people do – so they say.

For Dongshan and all the long suffering shareholders, I am confident the re set has begun and the recovery will happen in 2016. Our dialogue on 9 November was an exciting exchange of ideas. I feel priviledged to share many of your hopes (and fears) and in setting clear goals for the company. Rest assured, I will continue to talk to you, and to walk with you in our journey ahead! Our bridges are burnt! No excuses, no alibis… just get it done.

And so it shall be.

May the force be with you and me in 2016, and the years to come.