Here’s to Better Winds

So the Ragged Goat is gone, here comes the mischievous Fire Monkey! May I take this opportunity to wish all our stakeholders better winds ahead.

I would also like to thank the Dongshan directors and several shareholders who called to express support and encouragement during the last two weeks. Needless to say, it has been an interesting (to say the least!) few weeks. Many new lessons were learnt, some old adages reminded.

Amongst them: be super careful even in off-the-cuff quips to the press. There were things that I said which to me were harmless remarks to innocuous questions, but these off-the-cuff quips were blown out of proportion and published in news reports in a different context which unfortunately and unfairly reflected negatively on me.

I have learned long ago the pointlessness of fighting the waves when forces are against you; that it is strong finishing at the end of a long marathon that counts. All one needs and indeed hopes for is a level playing field, full transparency from all sides, and that there are no side agendas or sensationalism that would overshadow fair play.

But my own plight pales in comparison to sadder and more poignant stories.

For one, the Benjamin Lim episode is truly tragic, coming just before the New Year. I read with great sadness Mr Lim Senior’s open letter, and I can empathise with the numerous letters of support. I am glad that several alternative online news sources have provided transparent coverage of the incident. There are always two sides to the story and it is good that the public gets a balanced and complete picture of news events.

One cannot even begin to imagine the pain the family must be going through. We on the side lines can only wish the family all courage and strength to weather this cruel chapter, and hope for fair play and decency to prevail.

The new spring, the Lunar New Year season is perhaps the best time to reflect on life issues – on what matters, what does not, and to separate the transient from the lasting blessings of life.

The lines from Kipling’s poem IF comes to mind:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same …

Setbacks and challenges are part of life.

Together with all your support, let us resolve to devote meaningful time and the resources of Dongshan to do good, to bring cheer to the underprivileged and the underdogs once we make some decent profits.

I reiterate my confidence that 2016 will see a positive turnaround for Dongshan. We have reset and rebooted over the last six months and come what may, we shall ride the winds well.

Once again, best wishes for better winds, better fires for 2016!